Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Soccer Awards - All About World Cup Trophies and Awards

By Nico B Rama

The most popular and most coveted of all soccer awards, or football awards, is definitely the championship trophy of the FIFA World Cup. The league is the most valuable single-event sporting competition across the globe. Its latest staging, in 2010, attracted almost 50,000 spectators for every match and was aired to over 200 countries.

The FIFA World Cup has given two types of trophies in all its years of existence. One is the Jules Rimet Trophy, which was given to the winners since the league commenced in 1930 until 1970, when Brazil was entitled to keep the trophy for good as they won their third World Cup. Jules Rimet is the name of the FIFA President who pioneered the tournament.

Currently, the trophy that is awarded to the winner is simply named the FIFA World Cup Trophy. It is made of solid 18 carat gold and with a base that has 2 layers of malachite. Engraved at the bottom side are the names of the winners of the World Cup since 1974.The 6.175 kg trophy was created by Italian designer Silvio Gazzaniga. The FIFA World Cup Trophy is "lent" to the winning country until the next tournament comes. Afterwards, a gold-plated replica is given to them.

Aside from the trophy, the players and coaches of the top three teams are given medals engraved with the insignia of the World Cup Trophy. As in the tradition of most competitions, gold, silver and bronze are respectively given to the winner, the runner-up and the third-place finisher.

This particular tournament gives trophies symbolizing special accomplishments, too. The FIFA Fair Play Trophy is given to the team with the top fair play record during the season. It is the first special award that's given in the tournament from the time it was established. On a lighter note, an award for the Most Entertaining Team is literally for the team who has entertained the public the most in the whole duration of the tournament.

Individual players who have achieved extraordinary successes in their performance during the World Cup are also acknowledged with trophies.

The Golden Ball is given to the overall best player, which is named after voting by media members. The Golden Boot, on the other hand, goes to the number one goal scorer in the whole tournament. Silver and Bronze versions of the Ball and the Boot awards are given to those who ranked second and third in the said categories, respectively.

The best goalkeeper is also cited with the Golden Glove Award and is determined by the FIFA Technical Study Group. Recently, the said group has also started to decide on the most outstanding player aged 21 or younger, who deserves to be given the Best Young Player trophy.

The FIFA World Cup Trophy is undoubtedly the most fiercely fought for prize among all soccer trophies. The whole tournament is one of the most festive and fun sporting events in the world and the FIFA member nations couldn't always wait for the next 4 years to fly by.

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