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Soccer Training For Kids

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In today’s competitive sports world, soccer game is more popular and hence the need for coaches to conduct soccer training programs for kids is increasing day by day. Soccer coaches should understand and motivate the kids and always try to keep the soccer training program session interesting with fun. While giving soccer training to kids, coaches should consider certain things that can impress kids.

Soccer coaching skills and strategies

Every coach in the soccer training program should provide coaching in a different way as kids come to the training session with an intention to have excitement and fun. Kids will lose interest and will not enjoy the game if the coach makes the game look serious. Hence coach should not be too strict and not too light as well. It is better for coach to avoid long lectures and focus on some of the interactive games, drills for soccer, etc to make the kids attracted and engaged. Coaches should explain the soccer briefly to kids and allow them to run around and play.

Dribbling and shooting

In Soccer training programs, soccer drilling method is one the effective ways which can improve dribbling and shooting skills for kids. In this method, the coach should line up the kids in a single goal line and ensure that he has scattered large number of balls over the soccer field. Now he should allow the kids to move towards these balls, pick the balls and put it into the goal on the opposite side. If there are more number of kids to practice this soccer drilling and shooting method, then the coach should split up them into two groups. Both the groups should be allocated one or two goal keepers and these goal keepers take care of giving opportunities to all the kids for practicing this simple drill method.

Other soccer coaching tricks

To get started with kids, the coaches can perform other soccer training programs and strategies such as fun soccer conditioning, circuit training and making use of soccer coaching drills. Soccer coaches can advice kids to warm their bodies by going for a small round for jogging or running. This can help the kids to identify their limit and they do not exceed the limit. Often kids faint when they exceed their limit. Coaches should ensure that they make the kids to take small breaks in between which can help the kids to refresh and pep up.

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  1. Soccer training for children is an excellent way to help children develop a self image that is positive. Sports training and activities help a child to realize that they have a unique set of talents and skills that they can use for the greater good of the team. Thanks a lot.